The Basic Wedding Planning Package

Assist with majorly planning This package is for you if you want to execute your event by yourself or perhaps, you have someone to handle it for you, but you need me to help out with the initial consultation, and conceptualization to deliver a well-roundedworkflow that’s designed to keep the planning, design and production of your event on track, on time, and with as little worry and stress on your end as possible. You want to be also sure that all your contracts are properly negotiated to your advantage.

To make this happen, I’ll hold a personalized consultative session with you, during which we’ll;      

  • Brainstorm your event’s concept.
  • Come up with a fresh perspective which will double as ‘The Big Idea’.
  • Define your event’s vision, mission, intent and targeted audience.
  • Outline the event’s marketing assets and make it sponsorship ready (if it’s a corporate event).
  • Create a work plan and budgetary framework to guide you through out the process.
  • Set specific measurable goals that defines success.
  • Create a Massive Action Plan (MAP) to achieve predictable outcomes.

And, at the end of our time together, you’ll walk away with a blueprint of how your event will look like, the roadmap on how to accomplish it, and the motivation required to pull it off.

Please Note:Additional flight arrangement for two people, hotel arrangement, welfare package and other logistics may apply for events outside Lagos, and for rehearsal/multiple venues.

Are you interested in working with SAG ORUME towards the actualization of your dream event?


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