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Marketing is the life-blood of every business, and strategy is the throbbing heartbeat of every marketing. You cannot build a successful business without a strategy, because business in a sense is warfare, and strategy is to business what weapon is to the military. Hence, going to the marketplace without strategy is like going to war without weapons. Who does that?

If you want to improve performance in your organization, it all starts with a Brand Strategy.What if already, you’re achievingbusiness success without a strategy?I have one advice for you, prepare to get out of business.

Even if you’re utilizing a Brand Strategy, if it is not properly aligned with your marketing goals or tilted towards your company’s strategic vision, it’s only a matter of time, you will be out of business.

A thoughtfully researched, meticulously planned, and masterfully craftedBrand Strategy not only aligns a company’s vision with its marketing goals and campaigns, it alsoreflects a company’s strengths, vulnerabilities, resources, and opportunities.

Since founding my consultancy, SAG ORUME Brand Consortium, I have worked with several individuals and leading businesses to help their teams develop and implement well-rounded Brand Strategy, and men, I can’t begin to tell you how it accelerated their growth andprofitability.

Upon theirexploration and realization of the viability of Brand Strategy, some of these individuals and businesses go as far as hiring me (on retainer) to oversee and follow-through on the execution of theirBrand Strategy, while simultaneouslyserving as their Brand Consultantfor a stipulated time frame.

If you’re looking to build your Brand Strategy, improve your marketing or need help with your most complex branding challenges then look no further, I’m the right person you should be talking to. And we can accomplish this when you book a personalized 1-2-1 Strategy Session.

Besides building your Brand Strategy, bookinga personalized 1-2-1 Strategy Session with me will help you discover ways you can get more customers, earn, sustain, and grow your profits. You’ll also learn the necessary factors for efficient strategy execution.

During the Session, here are some areas we might focus on

  • Where you’re at and where you’d rather be – the road to get there.
  • The winning and struggling areas or units within your organization.
  • Assessing your brand and analyzing your industry, competitors and consumer behavior, as well as strengthening your brand and competitive advantage.
  • Branding – positioning and leveraging your brand as a strategic tool for building, managing and growing your business.
  • Sales funnel, leads and prospects – are you satisfied with your conversation rate?
  • Reviewing and understanding your marketing performance and penning down strategies for meeting your sales targets.
  • Personal Branding – positioning as an expert, thought leader and go–to-person in your field.
  • Your plans to transition from paid employment to set up a consultancy or other ventures,
  • Figuring ways to discover, develop and dimension your God–given gift into an economic model, thereby creating your business empire, employing others and becoming your own boss.

We’ll prioritize your key areas of interest during booking and through your initial enquiry.

How Does a Strategy Session Work?

Once you’ve decided to leverage my expertise to unearth, optimize and grow your brand, these are the steps that follow:

  • Start the Process; Send a mail to me@sagorume.com indicating interest to book a strategy session, I will send you a background questionnaire. Please take your time to fill and send it back, but remember to outline your challenges, goals and key areas you’d like your session to focus on. This will give me a better understanding of you, your business and what you expect to take away from the session.
  • Make the Booking; As soon as I receive your completed background questionnaire, my invoice and banking details will be sent to you to make the payment for your booking
  • Schedule the Time; Once I confirm your payment, l’ll send you a receipt confirming your payment, then go ahead to schedule a day and time that fits your schedule – would you like to have your session exclusively through Zoom? Okay with me, if you opt for Phone Call instead that’s great too. If you’d like to schedule the session in either our offices that will be cool. But if you prefer to be greeted in a nice lobby, I’ll meet you at a nearby hotel.
  • Hold the Session; We’ll then spend 90mins strategizing together. Before our meeting, I’ll make out time to assess your brand through your website, social media or other relevant channels, pen down a few thoughts so we can cut through the chase. During your virtual or personalized 1-2-1 Strategy Session, you’ll have the chance to ask questions, seek advice, and inquire about additional services.

Please Note: If you would like to hold your Strategy Session in person and do not live on the Island in Lagos, an additional travel fee and other logistics may apply. Please reach out to me via me@sagorume.combefore booking to learn more.

What You Will Get?

Recap notes. After the session, l’ll email you a recap of what we discussed or the recorded audio of the Session so you can refer back as many times as you like.

Post-Session Survey. Before developing your Strategy, I’ll research your industry and competitors, and thoroughly analyze your customers’ data to find out what works and what doesn’t work, so as to curate and deliver an insight-driven and conversion focusedBrand Strategy.

The Content Plan.I’ll send you a Content Plan comprised of all thespecific content types and audience’s preferencesneeded to achieve the goals set forth in your Brand Strategy,intended to help you determine, and prioritize the information you will provide to your target audience at certain intervals during your marketing campaign.

The Strategic Recommendations.I will also give you what I call ‘The Strategic Recommendation’: an actionablestep by step suggestions and research-backed data that you can use and inform your decision while executing your Brand Strategy.No wondering “ok I get it, but now what next?” This document also contains facts and insights from our research to give you a background knowledge of how we arrived at your Brand Strategy and Recommendations.

Two for the spot of one. I and one of my team leads will be on the session with you. That means two sets of experience, feedback, and recommendations all in one.

The Brand Strategy.I’ll send over yourBrand Strategyvia email in a Microsoft Word/PDF format, you review, I edit (if need be), and we shake hands-it’s nice doing business with you.

The Social Media Calendar.I’ll send you a Social Media Calendar: a spreadsheet designed to guide and help you schedule posts and campaigns across your digital platforms in advance. You can also use it to plan when and which content will be shared, manage campaigns, and track deadlines.

Not a problem. You can go ahead and implement your Brand Strategy yourself or with your team.

Feel free. Talk to me if you need further guidance and clarifications.You’ll have email access to me for any questions you have for 2 weeks after your Strategy Session.

Your Investment

Between $300 to $1, 000

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