We are SO Inspired Magazine, a “news, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle” publication, published daily online, and both monthly and quarterly in print. The Magazine features original articles on Entrepreneurial – Education, Modern Leadership, Business Strategy and Management, Personal and CorporateGovernance, Professional Development, Finance, Investment Opportunities and Marketing Topics under one title. It also provides ‘how to’ Information, exclusive interviews, ex pert advice, news updates, and event reviews about past, present and future happenings in the business world.

SO Inspired Magazine was founded by Sag ORUME and Launched on Sunday 11th May, 2014 as a business venture and media brand, to fill the vacuum that existed for a vehicle of communication and marketing in the Nigerian and Pan – African SME industry. Since then, the Magazine has not only established itself as a leading and must read publication for the sector, but has grown from a print monthly – special, digital edition, online, online TV, blog, newsletter , social media network, Inspire Africa: The Directory for SMEs and events;

SO Inspired Magazine Print;

Published both monthly and quarterly, the monthly “SO Inspired Magazine – Lagos” edition is slightly bigger than the “SO Inspired Magazine – Africa”. Furthermore, the monthly edition is distributed for FREE, has one-face and 70% of its content is focused on indigenous start-ups and SMS owners looking to call the public’s attention to their businesses, attract potential customers and boost the sales of their products and services within Lagos metropolis. The quarterly edition is our four annual signature issue which is SOLD and distributed across Nigeria, Africa and the Diaspora, has two-face and 90% of its content is focused on multinationals and captains of global industry.

SO Inspired Online;

This brings with it a 2-4-7 interactive experience where you can readily access years of archived and recent articles, features, surveys, audios, videos and photo galleries at www.sagorume.com/soinspiredmagazine

SO Inspired TV;

Our video content resides here, bringing to you, the glitz and glam associated with the world of start-ups and SME industry, especially interviews, event highlights, runway reports, red carpet moments and so much more via our YouTube Channel at SO Inspired TV

SO Inspired Magazine Blog;

The digital edition is not the same as the website. The digital edition is an identical electronic version of our print magazine available to subscribers/our SME database. This website/blog serves as a community for our readers and viewers to come together to read, watch, listen and discuss topics drawn from our e-version, podcast, WebTV channel, contributors and magazine. Updated daily, this keeps you abreast of all the current happenings from around the world, in all aspect of Nigeria, Africa and beyond.

SO Inspired Magazine Newsletter;

Weekly/monthly round-up of articles, news, blogs and featured photos, audios, videos and events, delivered directly to your inbox. Log unto www.sagorume.com/soinspiredmagazine to sign up for free.

SO Inspired Magazine Social Media;

For the most up-to-date happenings, stay connected with us at; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram etc.

SO Inspired Business Directory;

The business directory for SMEs, an influential resource containing the business names, office, web, and email addresses, as well as contact details of businesses and business owners. The Yellow pages is published in a section of SO Inspired Magazine, and it is also published online on its own. Most times we leverage this database to engage with SME owners.

SO Inspired Magazine Events;

Takes place four times a year, with business, fashion, music, celebrity themes, as well as the annual highlight being the SO Inspired Magazine: Entrepreneur of The Year Awards which holds during the festive season, especially in November/December.


We help Startups and Micro, Small to medium – sized enterprise (MSMEs) as well multinationals share their expertise through publishing their story in a clear, concise and engaging  style and  then we work with them  to further reinforce their image and identity, establish their credibility, build their market, thus converting their outlets and marketing sites into local/ international /global selling locations and channels thereby extending their customer base, image and sales in entirely new ways

  • We offer targeted cross sell messaging and advert spaces on our special print edition, on our websites, blogs and social media platforms.
  • We provide red carpet and full event photographer and video coverage and/or reportage across our magazine, website and social media channels.
  • We regularly feature product/service reviews.
  • We offer product recommendation in the SO Inspired Magazine “Must Haves” Section.
  • We provide Editorial articles on products and services benefits.
  • We offer specialized Advertorials for individuals and corporates, products and services.
  • We offer targeted email marketing email marketing services to our registered and verified data – base of users.
  • We help individuals and businesses distribute their leaflet/ flyer by inserting it within each Magazine when they are delivered.


Our Vision

To create, build and deploy media brands, multi-platforms and solutions to reach, inspire and empower One Hundred and Fifty Million start-ups, entrepreneurs, and SME owners in Nigeria, Africa and the Diaspora directly, by 2025.

Our Mission

Is three-fold:

Foremost, is to provide a distinctive, evocative and cost-effective print and online marketing-communications platform through which start-ups, entrepreneurs and SME owners are reached, inspired and empowered with ethical, transformational and industry-leading business development and management tips, tools and techniques in order to develop their entrepreneurial-characteristics, capacities and competencies thus, engage in the day-to-day operations of their companies with polish, power and professionalism.

Secondly, the SO Inspired Magazine media brand and organization seeks to heighten public awareness about the intractable social and economic challenges that start-ups, entrepreneurs and SME owners still face in many parts of the world, and to provide the solution to this issues in the form of articles, news, features, surveys, documentaries, podcasts, videos, audio CDs, DVDs, foods, events, series, radio/tv programs and other editorial-products and services that are contextually related to Africa.

Finally and not the least, the SO Inspired Magazine media brand and organization seeks to be the catalyst that elevate the status and influence of start-ups, entrepreneurs and SME owners and their contribution to nation building by placing them and their business, products and services in a top-of-mind position in the thoughts of consumers, captains of industry and investors when they look for thought leadership and dynamism in the business world.

In a nutshell, we seek to help leading and emerging business leaders intending to extend their business frontiers or desiring to develop their ideas or form partnerships with the contacts-databases, information and opportunities they need including access to sponsors, investors, donors and financial institutions.

Our Values

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Straightforwardness
  • Innovation
  • Friendship
  • Can-do Spirit

Our Vision & Mission Statement

To build a 2-4-7 News, Entrepreneurship and Lifestyle Channel focused on telling African stories to the rest of the world.


In response to the growing demand of information, training and opportunities in the Nigerian, Pan African and Global SME industry and the fact that commercial sponsors are increasingly looking towards a multimedia approach to marketing their companies, products and services in a time when media has become so disaggregated that simply communicating through the traditional means is woefully insufficient, SO Inspired Magazine has adopted a unique and innovative talk-show interview format to meet this requirements and combine the best elements of a physical event, print and online channels.

As such, SO Inspired Magazine interview takes the format of a live 1-2-1 talk-show discussion format where by the interviewee will have the opportunity to engage in front of a video camera or mobile phone for a stipulated time on the subject at hand. The discussion will be hosted by a moderator who will be an editor from SO Inspired Magazine, who will then transcribe the discussion into a one, two or three page or more independent article which will feature in the following month or quarter’s edition of the SO Inspired Magazine, together with photographed images from the session.

The interview/and SO Inspired Magazine (print) edition will be available with a video option. The SO Inspired Magazine team will then edit it down to a series of clip and make it accessible on www.sagorume.com/soinspiredmagazineThis will be both instantly playable from the website and also available to download onto desktops or portable players. Our media players also enable you to host the footage on your own website. We can also provide clients with a hard copy CD to support their organization’s strategic vision, incorporated into their marketing plan, build network and client loyalty as well as send to the media as a press pack. The edited video series can also be used by you to promote your products and services as well as communicate with investors on a particular subject. These new interview format allows sponsors/interviewees to justify their participation as it meets their thought leadership and brand perception requirements perfectly.

Each interview will be available to our online users through the SO Inspired Magazine website – accessible through www.sagorume.com/soinspiredmagazine. This will have the 20 – 50 minutes video session.

  • A 4 page or more independent article will also appear in the subsequent issue of SO Inspired Magazine (print).
  • A reprint will also be available (quantity to be decided upon request).
  • A DVD of the footage will be produced
  • A book of the excerpt may be published with a compilation of other articles.
  • A portion of the footage will be aired on television/cable network/youtube
  • For a nominal fee we can deliver to a named list of existing and potential clients across SO Inspired Magazine/Nigeria/Africa region database using online geo-targeting
  • Copy of the SO Inspired Magazine edition
  • Reprints of the interview write-up
  • SO Inspired Magazine branded DVD’s of the interview.

Price on request.

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