Sag Orume

My Value Proposition

Almost every host is funny, but SAG has a classic self-deprecating style of under-stated humor that provokes laughter and instantly endearing his guest to him. So often when Compares in some events crack jokes, the audience laughs but someone there feels crappy, that person is the butt of that joke. But what’s most exceptional about SAG is his jokes don’t hurt anyone – No matter the event, SAG has a charismatic way of skillfully engaging, relating and maintaining the attention of his audience either with fun games, team building activities or by putting up an electrifying stage performance without deviating from the original plan or disrupting the flow of the event.

The successful combination of rap, poetry and Oratory which is the DNA of SAG ORUME, provides a totally unforgettable experience to his audience. His ability to transcend Race, Tribe and creed with his distinct rhythmic approach to hosting and speaking is what sets him apart from the competition, and industry. Above all, SAG promises to be fun, engaging and inspiring – but you can incorporate the lessons that Sag gives into your own life and this can make you more playfully and successful on a day to day basis

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