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Now I bet you want to know what I charge, right? I guess as much. My charge-out rate for one-off writing services vary and depends on a variety of factors such as content type, scope and size of your project, turnaround time, frequency, level of research and customer data analysis required, and of cause, exchange rates (I charge in USD) and VAT fees can also affect pricing. However, my pricing structure also includes Pay Per Project for contents between 300 to 700, and Pay Per Word for contents between 700 to 2000 words as demonstrated on our rate card. 

For Consulting of any sort, I charge in upwards of $150 Per Hour, or a monthly retainer fee if you need my writing services on an ongoing basis. If you would like to harness best-in-class content to raise the performance of your business, accelerate its growth, improve its impact, and reach around the world, please feel free to send a brief, request a quote or service package let’s get started.

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