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Easy Like Never Before


As the master of ceremony of your wedding, corporate or social event, you can expect SAG to do some or all of the following;

  • Follow-through on the execution of your event brief, making it a memorable occasion: the party everybody talks about.
  • Hosting a personally tailored behind the scenes documentary of your wedding/event and conducting touching interviews with both you, and your guests.
  • Announcing who should be in the formal group photos
  • Skillfully attract, engage and sustain the attention of your guest, making sure that the event kicks off on the right footing, interacting and playing games with the guests before the couple show up.
  • Welcoming the Bride and Groom into the dining area.
  • Introducing the father of the Bride’s speech.
  • Introducing the Groom’s speech.
  • Collect stories about the guests or speakers to tell an extra story or jokes in a way that doesn’t offend.
  • Constantly checking to know what the bride and groom want to inject into the program, filling up the blank spaces beautifully and keeping the whole flow of the event running smoothly
  • Introducing the first dance
  • Announcing and conducting the cutting of the cake
  • Announcing when launch or dinner would be served: food and drinks
  • Giving guidance to the couple’s friends and family so they know what they are supposed to do to participate
  • Put up an electrifying performance when necessary.
  • Skillfully present performers and speakers to the audience and guests… and much more.
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