My Expertise


“If you cannot make out time to plan and design the life of your dreams, then you are not qualified to live in the reality of it”

SAG ORUME is a dependable, excellent and result-driven event planner with over 18 years professional experience in a fast-paced industry. Over the years, SAG has helped planned, packaged and executed 50+ events including business conferences, award galas, product launches, birthday parties and wedding receptions with 1, 500+ attendees and over $25,000 in budgetary expenditures in cities such as: Cotonu, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Delta, Imo, Jos, Kaduna and Kano amongst others.

At present, SAG is seeking to advance his event planning career by organizing diplomatic functions, statehouse briefings, economic summits, exchange programs and international conferences that convenes power brokers, captains of industry and aimed at inspiring trade, investment and thought leadership all around the world. Having worked for many years producing concerts, pageants and conferences, and as a PR Manager and Event Coordinator for Nwando’s Signature Events, SAG understands the nuances and logistics that are imperative for an events success. Leveraging his extensive branding expertise, hard-earned wisdom and client-side experience, SAG not only consults for businesses, individuals and couples, but gets involved from the very conceptualization, collateral design, and marketing campaigns to flawless execution, vendor coordination and tear down of their dream event.

When you need a planner who listens, a planner you can strategize with, or a planner that’s determined to go the extra mile to deliver results, on-time and on budget with the expected quality level, SAG will be ready to help.

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