My Executive Coaching

I provide brand building, management and creative marketing communications advice, as well as access to personalized 1-2-1 Coaching and Mentoring to the following category of clients:

  • Star Athletes, Entertainment Celebrities and other discerning individuals who desire to unearth, optimize and grow their personal brand.
  • CEOs, Corporate Executives and Business Owners who want to enhance their profile, standout from the competition and be positioned as thought leaders (the number one go to choice for what they do in their industry.
  • Start-ups, Not-for-Profits and SMEs who want access to advice, coaching and mentoring to grow their company or who want to understand digital PR, Social Media Marketing or how the internet can transform their entrepreneurial businesses – while extending their customer bases, images and sales in entirely new ways.

HR, PR Agencies and Training Managers/Organizations who require bespoke workshops, seminars and specialized training programs to equip their team or their client’s leadership or sales teams with the practical tools, tips and tactics to dramatically drive sales and propel their business to the next level.

Artist Managers, Talent Booking Agencies and Record Labels who want to carve a niche, project their image, create fame, celebrity and profits from endorsement deals, business partnerships and licensed products using the name, face or signature of their artist, model, usher, AOP etc.

Amazingly, SAG provides consulting to all types of organizations or even persons who want to be managed as brands and to manage this brands for profits.

Retainer Premium Coaching

Premium Coaching is a members-only, subscription-based service exclusively available to individuals, corporates and groups who pay a quarterly, six months or annual out–of pocket retainership fee

Paradoxically, it takes more than branding to build a brand. That’s why, beyond branding, l’ll…

  • Serve as your personal and/or business Brand Consultant or Strategic Growth Partner
  • Become an extra member of your team on retainership basis
  • Guide you towards ways to build, manage and market your brand-off/online
  • Assist with some of your content needs
  • Help you identify new market and launch deeper into existing ones, as well as improve and expand your current service offering and/or product range to expand your stream of income
  • And not only refer potential customers but get the required clients for your business, which means more sales, a better company and more money

Other Benefits?

Of course, you’ll also enjoy …..

  • 24 hours personal response to business or branding related enquiries by mail, telephone and SMS between parties as the business demands
  • FREE phone calls on status update once every week for ten minutes
  • Status meetings/visit to you and/or your team two times a month for an hour only.
  • World-class content development for your print and broadcasting advertising, video marketing campaigns, website, blog and social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram platforms.
  • Preferential rates and much more

Booking Standard Coaching

Standard Coaching is a one-off 1–Hour or 2-Hour Coaching Session booked in advance. It is specially designed for clients who want to book a Personalized 1-2-1 or Group Coaching Session for themselves, their board or management team.


  • In your individual personalized or group coaching session, we will:
  • Re-imagine or clarify your vision, mission, values and core offerings
  • Rethink your business model and revamp your marketing strategies
  • Strengthen yourself in an area you are struggling
  • Set specific measurable goals that define success
  • Create a Massive Action (MAP) to achieve extraordinary results

Happy to Introduce

Basic Coaching Booking

Me and You in a Phone Call or Zoom Room for 45-Minutes. During our session together, I’ll…

  • Help you clarify your vision for what you most want to accomplish in life or business
  • Provide you with proven systems that you can use to achieve your goals and get you what you want
  • And, pump you up with the inspiration and motivation to bring your potential into action in your life

Other Benefits

  • We’ll spend 45-Minutes together on Zoom or Conference Call – the session will be recorded and sent to you to refer back to
  • Every note I take during the session is yours to keep
  • You will have email access to me for a week for further guidance if need be

You will leave this Session with clarity, a greater sense of purpose, and fully armedto take on any challenge.

Premium Coaching (Retainer)

$ 3,000 / Quaterly
  • 24 hrs personal response to business or branding related enquiries
  • Help you identify new market and launch deeper into existing ones
  • Serve as your personal business brand consultant

Standard Coaching (Booking)

$ 300 / Hour
  • Set specific measurable goals that define success
  • Rethink your business model & revamp your marketing strategies
  • Re-imagine or clarify your vision,mission, values and core offerings

Basic Coaching (Booking)

$ 120 / 45 mins
  • Help you clarify your vision
  • Provide you with proven system that you can use to achieve your gaols
  • Every note I take during the seeion is yours to keep
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