My Brand

“Being an MC is absolutely essential for an event because an MC can make or break the success of a wedding or a product launch or a business conference”

SAG ORUME Isn’t Strictly One Thing

Dubbed ‘The Renaissance Man’ by the media and clients alike, SAG ORUME is a discerning, witty and masterful Corporate Emcee, Performance Poet and Rap Artist per excellence. Effortlessly combining the artistic elements of himself, SAG weaves poetry into musical performances and improvisational songs into hosting gigs. His style is a fusion of soulful, comedic and thought-provoking presentation laced with rhythm and poetry that engages, Inspires and leaves audience entertained.

His mission is to communicate and maximize brand value and event essence for individuals, businesses, professional associations and nonprofit organizations through Event Hosting, Spoken-word Poetry and/or Rap Music. Beside creating a positive experience for your speakers or performers and engaging with your guests by carrying them along from start to finish, SAG can help you craft your speech and flow of event as well as enable you plan and follow-through on the execution of your special day, making it a memorable event; the party everybody talks about.

What’s the event? Be it a dinner, a workshop, a seminar, a symposium, an AGM, a product launch, a concert, a fashion show, a breakfast meeting, a singles hangout, a conference, a gala night, an awards ceremony, an inaugural lecture, an induction or an end-of-the year party, if you require the expertise of a professional Corporate Emcee, Performance Poet and/or Rap Artist to thrill your guests, you can count on SAG ORUME to pull it off.

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