Event Marketing &Sponsorship Facilitation

As a golden rule, I only scout for sponsors towards events I have exclusive rights to marketing and producing. This means that I and my team will handle everything associated with Content Development, Creative Design and Branding of your event as well as the Specialized Advertising, PR Campaigns & Publicity Drive sub-segment of your budget. The reason is simple, we want some level of collaborative and creative control so as to market the event effectively and deliver the intended benefits promised to prospective sponsors, partners and donors alike.

Usually, I don’t charge out rightly for sponsorship facilitation. However, having agreed with the above terms, the following are what it entails;


  • 30% of every generated revenue or sponsorship commitment
  • Mobility for
  • Transportation
  • Call credit
  • Data
  • Cost for printing marketing collaterals
  • Any other expenses incurred in the course of marketing your event

Are you interested in working with SAG ORUME towards the actualization of your dream event?

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