Content Development, Design & Creative DirectionPackage

In addition to consultation, ideation and planning, I offer content development, visual design and creative-communications support to ensure that clients content and designs are aligned with each other. Included in this package is an event communications strategy, identifying the audiences, key messages, channels and campaign tools critical to convene a successful event.

Items included in this package are as follows:

  • Develop event marketing brochure or re-format the one you have.
  • Flow of event.
  • Develop a fully integrated communications strategy to publicize the event.
  • Formulate flow of event, and budgetary expenditure.
  • Develop a social media calendar to guide every form of campaign.

Re-format proposals to make it appeal to sponsors or develop a wide variety of letters, including;

  • *Letter of Introduction and partnership
  • *Speaker letters
  • *Media support letter
  • *Sponsorship Proposal
  • *Press release
  • *Letter of Nomination (if need be)
  • Create marketing collaterals and other creatives such as;
  • *Invitation cards
  • *Tickets
  • *Publicity flyers
  • *Speakers’ flyers
  • *Countdown flyers
  • *Posters
  • *Brochures
  • *Certificates/Awards
  • *Name Tags
  • *Mailers
  • *Role-up banners
  • *Stage backdrop
  • *Banners
  • *Multi-media videos
  • *Website/Social media headers,
  • *Guest registration documents etc.
  • Campaign development (script) and production;
  • *Jingles
  • *TV Commercials
  • *Video announcements/invitation
  • *Video teasers
  • *Print advertising
  • *Campaign copy for blogs
  • *Campaign copy for sponsored posts on social media

Media planning, and buying.

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