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We are SAG ORUME Consulting, an eponymous brand building, management and creative marketing communications company peopled by an eclectic client-focused team of literal think tanks with unique abilities and multilingual backgrounds, united by a common bond – a passion for unearthing, optimizing and growing elusive and evocative brands that elevate above competition, win market share and drive sustainable growth and bottom line.

We are in the business of conceptualizing, designing and delivering strategic and innovative branding, marketing and advertising services to small, medium and large organizations, specialist groups and discerning individuals, using sophisticated communications campaigns built on knowledge, research and industry insights to produce work that will help them get the best – possible out – of – the ordinary results in the only place that really matters – the market place.

This is SAG ORUME, and we look to meeting and discovering what we can do for you.


Our Vision
Is to be the reference multi-dimensional brand building, management and creative marketing communications cum advertising agency of choice in Nigeria, Africa and Abroad through the pursuit of exellence in delivering innovative and qualitative branding products and services.

Our Mission
Is to provide our clients: discerning individuals, startups, and SMEs with efficient, cost effective solutions to all their briefs to branding, including marketing and advertising services needs, whilst maintaining the highest level of professionalism and business etiquette.

Our Values
At SAG ORUME, we always ensure that what we stand for as a brand;
Excellence Passion Innovation Integrity Can – do Collaboration Leadership Focus Discipline Consistency Profitability is what our clients experience at all touchpoints.


Our Core Offerings:

Personal Branding
We unearth, optimize and grow the personal brands of discerning individuals, startups and SME owners who want to enhance their profile, stand out from the competition and be positioned as thought leaders (the number one ‘go to’ choice for what they do) in their industry

We help young, gifted and talented individuals dymension their God-given gifts into thriving businesses and themselves into fire brands

Content Development
We help individuals and corporates to design logos, business cards, letterhead, invoices, receipts, company profiles, flyers, diaries, calenders, files, envelops, business directories, magazines, journals, annual reports, posters, brochures, almanacs, leaflets, flags, banners, handouts, books, apparels and souvenirs.

We write and design company profile, project information document (PID), CVs, speeches, press releases, media kit, letter of introduction, partnership, media support, loan request and sponsorhip proposals.

We engage in radio, tv, magazine, Internet and social media content development and management such as jingles, adverts, articles, features, music videos, documentaries, stage plays, and movie scripting, story boarding and directing.

We craft business plans, build and develop business and market penetration strategies and concepts.

Corporate Event
We inspire personal, professional and social exellence through the creation and execution of learning events such as workshops, speaking engagements, consultancy services, conferences and other channels that promote and cultivate knowledge

We plan and execute specialized events such as run way fashion shows, stand up comedy shows, product launches, retreats etc

We also have an in – house Public Relation department which caters specially to events packaging, management and sponsorhip facilitation, including but not limited to Online Events: webinars, virtuals, and live streamings. Physical Events: roadshows, products/books/magazine launches, concert tours, charity balls, award galas, seminars, workshops, conferences, summits, bootcamps, retreats, breakfasts, luncheons and dinners.

Moreover, we deliver Event concept design and graphics, Ideas for /creation of invitation for event, Coordination of media coverage, Coordination of performing artists and celebrity attendance, Control of red carpet activity, Decoration, Hiring and overseeing of event vendors, if applicable

Digital PR
We develop dynamic web and multimedia solutions, including digital PR, mobile and social media marketing

Print Production
We design and undertake the printing of business cards, letterhead, invoices, receipts, company profiles, flyers, diaries, calenders, files, envelops, business directories, magazines, journals, annual reports, posters, brochures, almanacs, leaflets, flags, banners, handouts, books, apparels and souvenirs.

Other Areas of Expertise:

Keynote Presentation
We offer keynote speaking services for companies or individuals needing a speaker for conferences, sales rallies and alike.

We train and help staffs understand themselves, personal and corporate vision, mission, values and culture codes.

We deliver interactive brand education workshops and keynote speeches designed to align individuals and organizations on essential concepts in brand management and empower them to release the full potential of their brands.

We are committed to conducting extensive seminars and in-house training for all players in the SME industry in variety of formats that will suit their needs;

  • Public workshops that are regularly held to allow companies to send their staffs and/or executives
  • In-house workshops for companies opting for training to suit their specific needs
  • Train-the-trainer for companies wanting their own trainers to be trained on how to deliver our programs
  • Customised training program to fit company needs

Business Development
We turn your idea into a business opportunity, create your brand name, tagline, corporate profile, logo, packaging, dielines, space design for events, retail environments, and showroom to give you a competitive advantage.

We create new products and services and extend existing ones.

Brand Management
We provide professional brand management advice, business insights and vision clarification, as well as access to one-on-one coaching and mentoring that will enable you build a sustainable enterprise and client base from the ground up, grow market share and brand reputation, improve customer experience and retention, thus drive product sales, business growth and profitability

We manage the day – to – day branding needs of your business both on-line and off-line (with traditional and new media) and help you maintain your brand over time as you grow – becoming an extra member of your team on as needed basis.

We build, manage and creatively market personal and corporate brands, from market research and ideation, strategy and possitioning, identity, naming and tagline development, to branding, marketing and public relations.

Strategic Marketing Plan
We help you craft a unique sales and marketing strategies that is ideal for your business and industry

Media Relations
We ensure substantial awareness activities that will enhance the appeal of your event, business or personal brand

Photography Services
We provide in house photography services including an on-site studio as well as studio and location photography support services, from casting, styling, and art directing to post production and retouching.


Every branding project begins with a conversation. We start with getting to know you as an individual and your company, your business needs, goals, preferences, timelines, budget and where you want to go over a good coffee and tete-a-tete.

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