Brand Consortium

“Where excellence matters much more than price, because quality is remembered longer than a good deal”

SAG ORUME Brand Consortium is a strategic brand building, management and creative-marketing communications agency that specializes in helping clients launch effective campaigns, boost their sales and actualize great ROI.

By employing proven methods in Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, General Printing, Campaign Development and Social Media Management, we work in tandem with brands through collaboration and in–depth consultation; we deliver provocative and effective branding, design and brand communication solutions tailored to meet their requirements, objectives, and long–term ambition of their business.

During our combined 15 years’ experience in the communication industry, SAG ORUME Brand Consortium have executed a plethora of projects and worked with a wide range of local and national clients, from SMEs to international corporations including Coca–Cola, Zenith Bank, Lagos Business School (LBS), Salvic Petroleum Limited, The Sahar Company, Nwandos’s Signature, This Present House (TPH), REFin Homes to mention a few.

The beauty of SAG ORUME Brand Consortium is our passion for excellence; partnering with us will give you access to an agile team of best in class professionals, ready to consult and assist on any aspect your project requires. From consumer–targeted publicity to content–led campaigns to trade–focused branding, printing, social media, digital marketing and live event, SAG ORUME Brand Consortium can accommodate the needs of any assignment, no matter the scope.

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