In his book, Brand It, Leke Alder, Mastermind and Founder of Alder Consulting defined visual identity as a graphic visualization of the identity of a corporation. He further listed the three key constituent elements of visual Identity thus: the Logo, the Typeface, and the Corporate Colors.

In this visual style guide (VSG), I’ll be running you through the ideology and meaning behind the conceptualization and visualization of The SAG ORUME Logo.

About The Firm

SAG ORUME Brand Consortium is a global brand consultancy, offering a holistic approach to brand building and consumer engagement to help clients launch effective campaigns, boost their sales and actualize great ROI.

It was founded in September 1999 with a corporate head office in Lekki, Lagos and focuses on Consulting and Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, General Printing, Content Development, Corporate Events and Social Media Management amongst others.

Meaning and History

The core elements of the emblem is an iconic image that has its roots in the typology of its Founder, Principal and Creative Lead, SAG ORUME – The Man in a Black Suit. Judging from his posture, legs crossed, ankle over knees, the logo depicts a style conscious imagineer, culture catalyst and reality mixer, dressed in a black three – piece suit, confidently seated in tandem with his bag of strategies (BOS), ready to listen, consult and assist on any aspect clients project requires.

Variation of the Emblem

The logo is instantly recognizable. It contains only the name of the company and an iconic emblem of the founder, without any additional embellishments that could have distracted the readers’ attention.

In case of a white background, the SAG ORUME logo is given in black and white with a fusion of red. If the background is dark, the logotype is red and white with a stint of black, especially the bow tie and socks.


The typeface is an improved version of famous Times New Roman font, it’s name is Trajan. The logo is the Trajan wordmark in black on a white background or vice-versa.

The Corporate Color

The logo has a rich color palette; black and white with a touch of red. Typically, the name of the company is given in black against black background, except for the word BRAND which wears red, especially in cases where the company is addressed as SAG ORUME Brand Consortium.

Black, which is the official color of the emblem, emphasizes the brand’s core DNA; pithy, elegance and urbane. White connotes transparency, dexterity and eccentricity, while Red signifies confidence, power and infectious enthusiasm, suggestive of the company’s passion for excellence.

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