With so many successful business leaders in the world today spending enormous amounts of time and resources on personal development with reasons most likely including to outperform their competitors, being successful means you have to walk around wearing different hats, especially at startup companies which may have minimal resources yet must run a profitable business without a fully hired organization chart.

Learning new skills or acquiring the necessary knowledge needed to start a new venture could seem expensive or far from reach. Look no further becauseinterestingly the diverse means for personal and business development as well as educational resources about entrepreneurship will only continue to grow as has been in the past few years.

In no particular order,below are some of the most valuable resource platforms available for learning about marketing, entrepreneurship, business management, coding and much more.

  1. CodeAcademy

Thiswebsite academy offers free and easy interactive ways to learn fundamental coding which can activate the user’s ability touse different programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. You can also save your progress as you get along with a free account and at your pace. Learning to code can help business leaders resolve softwareconcerns, create a website or build a product app without necessarily hiring an expertdeveloper.

  1. LearnVest

The most successful business leaders knowhow to manage their finances within a business and in their personal space.LearnVest empowers you to take control of personal finances by providing expert advice and resources, financial plans and budgets. It offers some free classes such as its “Building Better Money Habits” and “How to Budget” courses. 

  1. Forbes

This is a must have publication for every business leader as it boasts the greatest name recognition worldwide. Forbes magazine is an industry standard that’s been peeking out of Wall Streets’ briefcases for over a century. Forbes focuses on top business managersin varying positions of corporate leadership. The insider publication features information on successful companies, individuals,opinion pieces, lifestyle trends, politics, law, science, news and rankings. Forbes really excels in sharing leadership knowledge from the world’s most powerful experts, conveyed in such a way that’s valuable for every business.

  1. 4. Fast Company


This exclusive magazine has been consistentsince 1995, during which it hasbuilt a reputation of sensibilities in their storiesoffering aflashy and exciting spotlight into some of the fastest growing startups and the most innovative companies. The print issues offer longer-form features on some of the world’s leading thinkers and creators, like Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe, and Emmy Award-winner Donald Glover. Fast Company might seem toobig picture for small business owners wrapped up in the nitty gritty of running a business, but you very well could find the inspiration that brings your business to the next level, or enjoy spending some time in the brains of brilliant entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

  1. Talent Is Overrated:What Really Separates World – Class Performers from Everybody Else

By Geoff Colvin

This book argues that no human being is inherently talented, that greatness comes from practice and perseverance that is perfected over time.The key to success is how you practice, analyze your progress, and learn from your mistakes.

Are people not born with an innate ability to do something great? According to Talent is Overrated, the answer to that question is a resounding, “NO!”

The book alsoincludes many scientific and real-world examples. Geoff Colvin shows that when people use the right kind of effort, they can improve at anything. Colvin’s mindset and practical advice are meant to change the reader’s way of thinking about their job and career while inspiring them to achieve more.

  1. ‘Eat That Frog!’ by Brian Tracy

The title of this book comes from Mark Twain’s classic quotation: “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” In other words, do your hardest task first, when you have sufficient energy and attention, instead of wasting time on easier stuff.

That’s just one of 21 practical strategies for overcoming procrastination that Tracy offers, from writing everything down on paper to obeying the law of “forced efficiency.”

  1. The God Father

This is a must watch movie that displays how a family run crime business thrives after facing struggles in New York City. Although the film is about a cynical business and the mafia gang in the city, it could still inspire an entrepreneur. Giving away the lessons of running a business successfully while keeping one’s family close together will be of great help through the highs and lows of life. It also provides a view about reaching the highest levels of success despite competition and adversaries.

Famous Quotes from the Movie to Inspire You:

“Never let anyone know what you are thinking.” – Mario Puzo, The Godfather.

“Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment.” – Mario Puzo, The Godfather.

8. The Aviator

This is a biography of a famous Hollywood director and producer Howard Hughes who in less than two decades earned billions of dollars and fame. The movie screenplays his entire life story and the ways which he struggled and attained this fame in his life. The movies- Hell’s Angel, Scarface, The Outlaw and The Racket earned him fame for making controversial cinematography. Injuries from numerous aircraft crashes caused Hughes to spend much of his later life in pain. He died in a tragically on a plane and was also reported to have battled depression and other health issues.

Famous Quotes from the Movie to Inspire You:

“Don’t tell me I can’t do it, don’t tell me it can’t be done. – Howard Hughes

“I’ve got the tiger by the tail and I am not about to let go.” – Howard Hughes

9. The Pursuit OfHappiness

A struggling man, a failed husband and a caring father. The role is very well played by Will Smith, who loses everything but hope and faith in his life. He cares for his son and does not let his struggles and sadness affect the love for his son. The movie holds us till the end. The biography of Chris Gardner is indeed an inspiration for all the entrepreneurs who are facing the struggle in their lives, giving a message not to lose their hope till the end.

Famous Quotes from the Movie to Inspire You:

“Others may question your credentials, your papers, your degrees. Others may look for all kinds of ways to diminish your worth. But what is inside you no one can take from you or tarnish. This is your worth, who you really are, your degree that can go with you wherever you go, that you bring with you the moment you come into a room, that can’t be manipulated or shaken. Without that sense of self, no amount of paper, no pedigree, and no credentials can make you legit. No matter what, you have to feel legit inside first.” – Chris Gardner

10. Strategyzer

Strategyzer offers a tool called Business Model Canvas, which helps users to create, on one page, a business model that helps direct their startup journey. The company also offers other resources, like the Value Proposition Canvas and other tools businesses can use to improve their strategic management processes and overall direction when they’re not sure where they are going or how to get there.

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